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AVenusPlus serves as a guide for art of all kinds for professionals, amateur, curators, gallery owners, financers, art students, performers, actors and so on. AVenuesPlus provides a means of developing business leads and contacts to stimulate business transactions in areas such as art schools, art sales, art supplies, art collectibles, auditions, theatrical or stage events, writing or poetry narrations, electronic design and graphic media, dance and other performing arts and so forth. AVenusPlus Art Community Portal allows content to be presented or advertised in an international on-line marketplace.

AVenusPlus is free.

This web application is for Artists, whether their art is painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, performing arts, writing, literature, poetry, photography, electronic media arts, product modelling, architecture or any of several other forms of art. This is the site to share your insights on technique, appreciation, art history, topics, opinions, critiques and of course, images of your art.


AvenuesPlus promotes transcending communication barriers to bring people together to share ideas, concepts, issues, conflict, solutions, emotions and so on. AvenuesPlus is an ethical and familial site and desires to promote social networking in a positive way from which all of its members may benefit and be inspired by the revelations of others.

As a AvenuesPlus member, please honor yourself and honor others with whom you share this world. Keep it clean. Keep it positive. Share the site productively, so that we may all benefit from a shared pool of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Art Community Portal

AVenuesPlus is a social network portal. It allows its members to freely exchange informations, thoughts, ideas, concepts, discussions and opinions over the network.

Online Web Application

AVenuesPlus is an online tool for its members, a web application. It is more than a simple billboard web site. It allows its members to add their own content and engage in interactive functionality, not just with the web site, but with other users of the site as well.


AVenuesPlus Blogs are multi-dimensional forums. Members are free to create their own blogs, posts and comments. They may create public blogs which are viewable both by other members and the public. Or they my create private blogs, either a blog that serves only them, say as an online journal, or they may create private blogs which are shared only between a limited number of other members in friend groups. Only members of a group may post to or comment on blogs in a private group. Private group blogs may be public for viewing or private, viewable only by other members.


AVenuesPlus Galleries are multi-dimensional. Members are free to create their own galleries with captions. They may create public galleries which are viewable both by other members and the public. Or they my create private galleries, either a gallery that serves only them or they may create private galleries which are shared only between a limited number of other members in friend groups. Only members of a private group may view such galleries.


AVenuesPlus Kiosks are an online form of message board. Kiosks may contain member text and comments, images or advertising. Each member has their own publicly viewable kiosk and can control its content, by blocking what they do not want displayed. The web site has its own public kiosk which is open to posting of text, comments an images by all members. The public kiosk also includes advertising. Users may only edit, modify and delete their own posts on the site's public kiosk.


Every member has a simple site text messaging tool which is limited in scope to the AVenuesPlus site. The messaging tool allows an exchange of private messages between members and is used to accept friend group invitations.

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Member Profile and Management

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